Highly Recommended 5* Home Boarding for ALL Toy Breed dogs we also cater for puppies --Absolutely NO LARGE DOGS resident dogs are tiny Maltese

Which is why many Celebrities board their little ones with us.

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                 The Tiny Paws Pad is an Exclusive 5* luxurious dog boarding for toy breeds and other small dogs

We provide one to one 24 hour care for your precious little ones whilst you are on holiday
working away Going into hospital, for any reason.  I am fully trained in Dog First Aid and CPR. also at present training as a Veterinary Support Assistant.

We are situated in Sandymoor, between Runcorn and Warrington with excellent transport links from Runcorn, Runcorn East, Warrington Bank Quay and Warrington Central to Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Leeds, London and beyond.
We are 35 minutes from The Trafford Centre and Manchester City Centre and 20 mins from both Manchester and Liverpool Airports

We are fully licensed by Halton BC, fully insured and guarantee your dog will NEVER be left on its own

I am a "Stay at Home Dog Mum" to my 3 gorgeous little Maltese - My name is Debbie and my dogs are Teddy, Pixie and Dotty
Together with my Husband, we welcome Toy and small breed friends to our Tiny Paws Pad

I am available to provide day or overnight Toy & small breed boarding for a very limited number of select dogs to ensure they receive the best care possible

We are surrounded by lots of lovely parks, nature walks and quiet places to enjoy whilst exercising
Which is why so many Celebrities choose to board their precious little ones with us.

Toy Breed dogs are comical, entertaining, loyal and absolutely brimming with fun
They have unique personalities and requirements
Because of this, they need a special type of care and attention by someone who really knows the Toy Breed Nature and Characteristics

At The Tiny Paws Pad we are not a crowded dog boarding kennel and not the typical Pet Sitter who boards animals of all types and sizes

We offer a loving ‘home from home’ environment for Toy and small breed dogs We have a large fully enclosed and secure garden and provide full, undivided attention to a few select guests in a home designed for the safe care and comfort of small dogs.

Your tiny companions will have a tailored daily routine, which could involve varied exercises to stimulate them as well as plenty of play sessions to encourage socialisation

For our mature and less able guest we offer light exercise and relaxation. We will provide a quiet and peaceful environment and plenty of pampering

We offer baths for our guests who stay longer than 5 days, so that you can pick them up clean, dry and smelling great! Price £20 per dog

Your beloved pets will have fresh bottled or filtered water supplied 24 hours a day

Hugs snuggles, love & tummy rubs given in abundance around the clock!

Local Vet on call 24 hours a day or within 10 minutes’ drive of the The Tiny Paws Pad

We all know how Toy Breed dogs hate to be left on their own. Dogs left at home for hours on a daily basis will become isolated, bored, destructive and, in worst cases, aggressive

This is why we don’t leave your dog alone and why we keep them stimulated so when they are picked up they are excited to see you but are calm and balanced.


At The Tiny Paws Pad we offer a loving ‘home from home’ environment.
We have very limited availability as we pride ourselves on our devoted and individual attention. If you are going on holiday or just a long weekend away, book your little ones in with us.

For an overnight stay, our rate is £25 for 1st Dog £20 for 2nd Dog and £15 for each additional dog from the same household

This fee includes play times, walks, cuddles and belly rubs. Your dogs will have warm clean beds


I require a pre-stay visit to meet your dog(s). This initial meeting is to allow our dogs to meet and to make sure they are happy and settled in each others company. It is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and discuss your pups care routine
Once we have had this initial pre-stay visit, you are free to arrange any booking dates and details

To secure a booking, a 50% non-refundable deposit for first time customers (25% non-refundable deposit for regular customers) is required. Your booking will ONLY be considered confirmed once this deposit has been paid.

Please be aware that we cannot 'hold' dates until the deposit has been paid
Please try to arrange your pre-stay visits as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you are at all nervous about leaving your pet for an extended period, we also offer trial visits (typically, a 2 hour session will be charged at £10 for 1 dog plus £5 for each additional dog and £5 per dog for each additional hour).

These charges are to reflect the intense 1:1 care your pet will receive in this time

our Services

Our Services

At THE TINY PAWS PAD A Home boarding home for your well loved dogs A fantastic way to leave your beloved dog while you are on your holidays, a weekend away, the odd night out, away with work .when you are in hospital etc


We have lots of play sessions throughout the day both inside and outside (weather permitting ) We love walks in the park and use our local parks, also enjoy country walks. All our guests have the option to interact with my dogs and my family who are all dog lovers (no children) We occasionally attend small dog meets and fun shows, so providing your dogs are social and friendly, (and you are happy for us to do so) we will attend these events. The Tiny Paws Pad are not professional groomers but will provide a basic grooming service and do have access to a local professional dog groomer who specialises in Toy breed dogs. She will come to groom them at The Tiny Paws Pad Appointments can easily be made with prior notice. (extra charges for professional grooming will apply) play times, walks, cuddles and belly rubs. Your dogs will have warm clean beds and cots. For longer stays, a freshen up bath is also included in the price if your dog stays for longer than 14 nights










  • North Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • pricing is from 1pm to 1pm 24hr period and hour before that or after that will be charged at Β£5 per 1st dog then Β£2.50 per dog and others dogs of the same family per hour more



I require a pre-stay visit to meet your dog(s) This initial meeting is just to allow our dogs to meet and to make sure they are happy and settled. It is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and discuss your pups care routine.

Once we have had this initial pre-stay visit, you are free to arrange any booking dates and details.

To secure a booking, a 50% non refundable deposit for first time customers (25% non-refundable deposit for regular customers) is required. 

Your booking will ONLY be considered confirmed once this Deposit has been paid. Please be aware that we cannot 'hold' dates. Unless a deposit has been paid, please do not consider the dates required to be secure.

Please try to arrange your pre-stay visits as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We also offer longer trial visits. (2 hour session will be charged at £10 for 1 dog plus £5 for each additional dog- £5 per dog for each additional hour)

At The Tiny Paws Pad we offer a loving ‘home from home’ environment. We have very limited availability as we pride ourselves on our devoted and individual attention. If you are going on holiday or just a long weekend away, book your little ones in with us.
For an overnight stay £25 for 1 dog £20 for 2nd dog and £15 for each additional dog from the same household. This Price is for a 24hr period from 1pm to 1pm ... before 1pm drop off you will be charged an extra £5 per hour for 1st dog and £2.50 per subsequent dogs each . ie if you drop your dog off at 11pm will be an extra £15 for 1 st dog etc  if you pick you dog up after 1pm the price incurred will be £5 per hour 1st dog and an extra £2.50 per subsequent dogs each. 

This fee includes play times, walks, cuddles and belly rubs. Your dogs will be 100% loved.. For longer stays, a freshen up bath is also included in the price if your dog stays for longer than 14 nights

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Home Boarding
In the Following conditions “The Tiny Paws Pad” is referred to as "TTPP" and the owner of the
pet or pets to be boarded is referred to as "THE OWNER"
1. Boarding fees are charged for each day, all outstanding fees must be paid in full on or before
the time of dropping your dog here
If your payment is withdrawn or bounced you accept full liability for any bank charges incurred.
You further agree that TTPP may at their discretion charge an administration fee of 30% of any
outstanding balance, if they have to chase the debt.
Should the stay be extended for any reason, extra days will be charged at the daily rate. If the
stay is curtailed, the full price remains payable, but TTPP, (at their discretion), may offer a
refund for unused days, except during busy periods where it is not possible to re-allocate the
2.  A No-Show is the term used for a booking where you have failed to present your pet/pets for
boarding within 48 hours of the first day of your booking. In this instance you agree that your
booking may be cancelled. You further agree that you will be liable in full for all boarding fees
and agree to pay on receipt of our invoice.
3 . All pets boarded must be fully vaccinated, and a current certificate of vaccination must
accompany each pet. This certificate must remain at TTPP throughout the period of boarding.
Failure to provide a valid vaccination card for each pet will prevent them from boarding. In this
instance your booking may be cancelled but you will remain liable for the boarding fees in full.
4.  Your pet must also be wearing an identity tag with their address and telephone number on it,
5. As TTPP is a home boarding service, if your dog becomes destructed or aggressive during their
stay we reserve the right to contact your emergency contact and ask that they come and collect
your dog. Failure to disclose correct information with regards to your pets behaviour that
results in an injury, accident or damage will result (at the discretion of TTPP) in additional costs
for either repair, restoration or other professional costs for example veterinary bills which will
NOT be covered by TTPP Insurance
6. THE OWNER accepts that a veterinary surgeon will be called if TTPP think it necessary & any
resulting fees will be payable by THE OWNER at time of collection.
7. If your pet becomes ill whilst in our care and our veterinary surgeon thinks the pet illness
may be contagious TTPP will contact you and ask that your emergency contact provided will
take the pet into their care. THE OWNER will have agreed this with their chosen emergency
contact before the pet comes into TTPP’S care.
8. During the period of boarding, TTPP will exercise every possible care and attention to the
welfare and safety of the pet, However TTPP accepts no responsibility for problems outside of
their control.
This is caused by an airborne infection and thus outside the control of TTPP.
TTPP will never knowingly accept a dog with the condition, but as incubation can exceed 10 days
it may not be detectable prior to arrival. THE OWNER therefore accepts that this hazard exists,
especially at busy times.
We Insist on vaccination against Kennel Cough 4 weeks before your dogs stay, but as this is a virus
very like the common cold and there are many strains, please be aware that your dog may still
be vulnerable.
10. We ask that THE OWNER informs us of ANY illnesses or medical conditions at the time of
the ‘meet and greet’ on the booking form and at the dogs’ delivery for their stay. TTPP reserve
the right to refuse taking a dog that is unwell or has a contagious illness. TTPP requests that THE
OWNER informs us of any illnesses and we can work together with THE OWNER’s vet to make
an assessment on the dogs health. TTPP reserve the right to cancel any booking if they feel a
dog may be carrying a contagious illness.
This policy is so strict because TTPP care about their own and every visiting dog in their care. If
TTPP were to knowingly accept a sick dog into their care, they risk putting all other dogs at
risk and each other owner incurring veterinary fees.
This does not apply to dogs who require the administration of medication for non contagious
conditions, whilst in TTPP’s care.
11. In the unlikely event of your pet dying whilst in the care of TTPP’S it is TTPP’s policy to store
your pets remains in cold storage at a local veterinary centre until your return, TTPP will not
inform you of the death of your pet whilst you are away, but if you would like to be informed of
your pets death or would like different arrangements to be made in this unlikely event please
inform TTPP in writing prior to bringing your pet for boarding. This cost will be incurred by THE


5* +++++++++++++
If you have gone to other home boarders and are not sure. once you have met Debbie and her adorable Maltese dogs, you will never look at another home boarder ever again. She is amazing. Debbie loves the dogs as much as she loves her own and im absolutely convinced she would lay her life down for them. They are treated exactly the same as her own dogs and my 2 Maltese have totally enjoyed every minute they have stayed there. I have already booked them in for 3 holidays next year. I know now that i can relax and enjoy a holiday knowing that they will be loved and cared for the same as i would. Thank you so so much Debs see you soon. J.S Actor, public personality and presenter.

Was feeling apprehensive leaving our dog for the first time but from the minute we visited Tiny Paws Pad on Sandy’s meet & greet we knew we had picked the right place for her. Debbie is so loving and caring with all the dogs she is looking after and it shows through her video and photo posts that she sent us whilst we were away on holiday, it totally re-assured us that we’d left her in good hands. We can’t thank you enough for taking care of Sandy so well.x Mandy x

We love this this place, Our Dolly loves it as well, so much so she didnt want to come home this time lol, she was having to much fun on her holidays. Debbie sent us Pictures and Videos of her playing with the other dogs including her very own Maltese who are adorable. Debbie loves dogs and it really shows as soon as we turn up with Dolly the first thing Debbie does is say hello to the dog ha ha ha we dont matter. Dolly gets so excited when she realises where she is. We have no worries at all leaving our little one here she is loved and spoilt as if she was at home. Debbie is a complete god send and i would never trust anyone else with her. xx Thank you The Tiny Paws Pad  you are the tops Rebecca

The best place by far, I have never known anyone to love animals like Debbie does. The dogs love her, my dog a Shih tzu likes to keep herself to herself but not when she is with Debbie she wants to lay on her follow her have cuddles all the time its like she is a totally different dog ha ha ha. It makes life so much easier knowing that we have Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad to look after our Daisy Duke and we can finally relax on holiday. Dont have any doubts about this place, her home is immaculate and she even washed our blankets for us so we didnt have to worry about that when we got home. Bless her she is a god send xx Fiona Butterley

What can i say that no one else has already said? This has to be THE best Home Boarding i have come across in a very very long time. All others seem to be money grabbing and pile their houses up with all kinds of dogs. Debbie is totally the opposite she loves the dogs she has in her care so much so they are treated like her own. I have never come across anyone who cares for animals the way this lady does. My little Chihuahua is very nervous and takes a long time to come round to people she doesnt know. Not this time I got a photo from Debbie literally 5 minutes after i left and my baby was running round the garden with Debbies Maltese having a great time. I then got another photo of Bell kissing Debbie i have never seen her do this to anyone she always fights to get down. So all in all you can tell i am so happy. The Tiny Paws Pad is clean dog friendly does not smell like dogs at all, actually you wouldnt think there were dogs there at all. Debbie always makes sure they have what she calls rest time so they dont run their little legs off the strange thing is they do as soon as she says "its rest time " they all lay down and sleep for an hour, its unbelievable how she gets them to do what she wants. Please do not have any doubts about using this place its amazing. Debbie charges £25 a night and its worth every penny she should charge more in my opinion. a lot of these places charge £23 for an extra £2 you will get 5* service and your dog will be looked after and loved as her own you cant put a price on that. Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad is a god send thank you Patricia Holding 

I am so glad i came across The Tiny Paws Pad and Debbie, my furbaby was totally spoilt loved and he totally enjoyed his stay here, I was sent photos and videos of him playing with the resident Maltese who i have to say are the most desirable little dogs ever. So clean and pampered so i knew this would be the place for my baby. I was so right he came back groomed and smelling gorgeous so much so i asked what it was that was used on him and bought it myself. When we got him home he slept so much he was totally exhausted through playing with his new found friends.. Debbie is the most caring and kind person i think i have ever met and she made the stay so easy for us. She knew we were stressed about leaving him and she reassured us that he would be fine and she would keep us up to date throughout his stay. she kept her promise and we really looked forward to seeing our boy enjoy his holiday. Thank you Debbie you are a 5 star lady and we will see you later in the year.

5***** and a gold medal

I was told of Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad by an acquaintance when they found out i was looking for a 5 star holiday home for our pup.
Polly is our baby and we only ever want the best for her. she is 4 months old and a bundle of love and fun. I rang Debbie to find out more and immediately she put my mind at rest, There was also a question i had to ask and didnt know if she would want to get into, I am a very well known Celeb and i didnt want people to know that Polly was going to be staying there and i had to ask if she would sign an agreement, Debbie was most agreeable to all of that and said she totally understood, people would not know from her or her husband that she would promise us. So we arrived Pup in hand to meet her and those gorgeous little bundles of fluff she has. Polly couldnt wait to play, Debbie did say "please ignore the barking and noise at first its what they do but it will soon settle" it did and all were happy with each other. We had a cuppa and watched them running round the garden, we discussed what I expected as far as Polly was concerned and Debbie was only to willing to agree to do anything we asked. Have we come across an Angel here? Polly was booked in papers were signed and Polly has had her first visit. We couldnt be happier we received videos photos the lot, we could see how Polly was settled and loving life. I think we will be booking in to stay ha ha Thank you so much Debs you are a star and we love you. Thank you for keeping our identity quiet and not posting photos of Polly etc Yes i would def say we can trust you 150% and more. Polly is now booked in later in the year for her holidays and also the odd 2 to 4 days here and there while we film, what a relief to find this gem of a place. Debbie goes above and beyond what is asked of her.
See you soon Debs and big hugs to your babies who are a delight

New review fabby ..
Debbie you are amazing thank you so very much for taking my precious little chi. I hate leaving him he is part of my family. It's so nice to of found someone who feels and thinks the same way I do. You took him in and treated him as your own and I and no one else could want more. Thank you for sending me photos and videos of his stay and new friends. Your maltese are adorable and to see them all curled up and sleep made my heart melt. I will strongly recommend you to anyone and I will be passing your number to my friends who feel exactly the same way we do, also I would like to add, security and trust is a huge thing for us and you have shown that we can trust you 100% this will also please and reassure my friends as you can appreciate. Thank you again and we will see you very soon lots of love x
TV personality, model, writer and dog mummy

Debbie is fantastic, arranged a meeting before hand to make sure everyone was happy and settled with the arrangements. we were anxious about leaving our fur baby but she made it easier by sending us regular photos and videos showing him having fun and being settled. would recommend highly

Thank you Debs for looking after our pup. Also we would like to thank you for you honesty and confidentiality. We really appreciate it, when in the public eye we have to be very careful who we can trust and you have proved that you are 100% trustworthy. Our little baby loved being with you and your maltese and we thoroughly enjoyed our videos you sent us. I will have no doubts at all in recommending you. You are not like other boarders we have used previously and we love the fact that our little one is on equal footing in size. We listened to what you had to say when we came for a meet and greet and after a couple of minutes of chaos it stopped and they all went their own ways. We loved the fact that just after 10 mins of us leaving her you sent a photo of them all snuggled up together. Thank you for making the whole process extremely painless and reassuring. We will no longer worry about leaving her again and no one else will come close to you. You sure are awesome with the furryfolk. Anybody reading this please do not have any doubts about leaving your babies they will be loved and cherished as much as you do. You would be mad to go anywhere else The Tiny Paws Pad is way above the rest and most certainly deserves the excellence certificate that they won. Thank you again and we will see you in the spring
Love from TV Personality, Celebrity, Actor and Actress, TV Presenter

EXCEPTIONAL !!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY to board your special little fur babies here.
I was very anxious about leaving mine both were rescue and both had an awful start in life which made them very nervous and not very good with other people. Bobby is 5 yrs old and Alice is 2 yrs old. Debbie made me feel at ease straight away, she said hello to them both and they did go to her, but after that she didn't fuss them she let them do what they wanted to do. The house is lovely very clean and very dog friendly as is the garden it is large and secure just perfect. I made arrangements to leave them for a couple of hours so we could both see how they reacted and if they were happy if Debbie was Happy her Maltese were happy and also if i was happy. Within 10 mins i received a video to show me how they were and i was amazed they were running round the garden playing with Debbie's gorgeous babies and really enjoying themselves, after receiving that i relaxed and went and got a coffee it was to far to drive home and then drive back, but tbh i would drive hours to leave my dogs with Debbie.
They have now stayed for a few days and they fitted in great and had a fulfilled holiday while i went away and enjoyed a long deserved break the first in 5 years because i could never trust anyone to look after them. I had photos of them cuddling up to Debbie and her Husband I had photos of them curled up with the Maltese fast asleep they were truly happy. There is absolutely no comparison to other places and i really would not understand anyone that chose to go elsewhere but i suppose its how you feel about your babies if your want the best then this is a MUST.. Thank you so much Debbie and we will see you in a couple of months Lots of love have a wonderful Christmas xx Dee Spencer

I haven't got anything more to add than what people have already added here. We havent had a holiday for 4 years because i wouldn't leave my little ones, i have 2 of the smallest Chihuahua's ever and i was terrified of leaving them with anyone incase they got hurt. A neighbour of mine told me about Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad she told me that i would be struggling to find anyone as good as Debbie and i have to agree. The minute i met Debbie i knew she was what i had been looking for, She is a very warm welcoming person and after 5 mins of chatting felt more like a friend than someone i had just met. Dior and Coco but took to her and i didnt get a look in, they immediately started following her about. When Debbie introduced the whitest of dogs i have ever seen she told me to ignore the noises they will sort themselves out and after a minute of barking and sniffing they were fine. I was very upset leaving them a couple of days later but i received videos and photo's of their day, they looked like they were really enjoying themselves playing with the Maltese. i felt so much better and happy now that i have someone that i can trust with them and we have already booked for 2 weeks next year so we dont miss out, i can see Debbie being very busy and knowing my luck i wouldn't be able to get them in, so we paid the deposit and can now relax.. Thank you Debbie so much for your kindness making sure not only that my babies were happy but i was as well. You are a truly an Angel of Dogs with a heart of gold, Lots of Love Jenny oh i would like to add anybody who would rather put their dogs in a kennel due to a few pounds instead of leaving them in a loving home and being treated as part of the family must be either daft or cant love their dogs that much

5* ++++++++
I am so pleased i found The Tiny Paws Pad, This is the best pad i have found for my babies. I used to put them else where but a friend said to try them because she had heard good reviews. They are more than i am used to paying and want to pay BUT like everything you get what you pay for there is absolutely NO COMPARISON. The Tiny Paws Pad is way above the rest and when worked out it probably only costs approx £10 a week more which is nothing. My Babies were treated like royalty and loved the way i love them. Debbie is amazing she deserves a medal. Her 3 gorgeous Maltese are beautiful and except all the dogs that are coming into their home. If i could give you more than 5* i would. They will def only be coming to you from now on which is why i will be booking them in asap for next year i don't want to run the risk of you being full.
If anyone is doubting whether to put your dogs here for the sake of an extra £10 a week DONT you will never get the love and care that Debbie and her husband gives our furbabies do not hesitate or maybe i should keep it quiet because it will get to the point that i wont get in lol

So thrilled to have found Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad!
Left our fur baby Bruce for 4 nights whilst we went away, it was great to be able to enjoy our break knowing he was happy. Debbie sent regular updates so we knew he was happy, having fun and getting lots of cuddles!
Would definitely recommend and know Bruce will be back to visit again soon!!

We were introduced to Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad by a friend of ours. On first impression we were very pleased with what we saw. Debbie was very Friendly Very calm and immediately put our minds at rest, Dolly took to her straight away. After Dolly had a good sniff around the large very safe secure garden Debbie let the other dogs out 3 of them being her own Maltese who were delightful. Debbie had told us to ignore the noise at first they are always like it but it will stop after a minute or so and it did. All dogs then wandered off and ignored each each other. Debbie's Husband was also there and he played with Dolly with a tennis ball. The feeling in their home was warm and inviting the house is very dog friendly as is the garden. We booked Dolly in for a long weekend to see if she would cope, we had never left her before. we hadnt of worried we received photos videos of Dolly playing and looking like she wasnt missing us at all. It really put our mind at rest and we could enjoy our break. We will be booking Dolly in again next year for a few weekends and our main holiday, This time i wont be anxious when we leave her because we know she will be cared for and loved she will have her own 5* holiday. Thank you Debbie you are a star in our lives x Norma and Tommy x

Thank god i found Debbie she is an absolute star. I was offered a job in London and it was one i have been waiting for to come through for ages. Debbie came to my rescue and looked after my Zuchon puppy. I have never left her before so obviously a bit stressed over it. Debbie made the whole process quick and simple and gave me confidence straight away that she was the girl for me. I will be doing Panto in November and December and Debbie will have mu baby for me with out doubt i couldnt and wouldnt trust anyone else. Debbie has put my mind at rest and i know she will love my pup and look after her. Debbie is also very very trustworthy and will keep my identity quiet as well as my pup, this is very hard to find in my industry, you can safely say she is a god send Thank you Debs i really don't know how i would cope without you.
Actor, Singer, Public Personality

So sorry it's took so long to write a review I hadn't got round to doing it. but here goes.
We left my mums very shy cavachon with Debbie for over two weeks. Indie is such a nervous dog and does not like change.
However she really enjoy herself at Debbies house and settled in very well apart from causing quite a bit of chaos with accidents during the night. But Debbie sorted all this out for her and took the time and the effort to make sure indie was as settled, Indie also took an instant love to Debbies husband which is very shocking as she usually hates men that she doesn't know.
Would like to just say a massive thankyou to Debbie and her husband and the tiny paws pad for all that they have done for our loved indie. And would recommend her to anyone.
We would send her here again if we needed to, and if Debbie would have her back haha. Thanks again. Tanya, Jean & Little indie xx


If you have a puppy i would strongly recommend you go to The Tiny Paws Pad. Debbie is amazing and will love your Puppy exactly the same as her own and believe me that is a lot. Debbie came highly recommended when we were looking for a home boarder and we had been to see a few beforehand none came close to The Tiny Paws Pad. From the first second of stepping into Debbie's home it felt right, You can see straight away how much she loves our furry four legged friends. Our Puppy who is a 3.5 month old Shih tzu who wouldn't leave Debbie alone. We had no doubt whatsoever about leaving our baby there. We received lots of photos and videos while we were away showing how much fun Bobo was having. Thank you so much we wouldnt normally leave a puppy but we couldnt help it this time but i couldnt think of anyone better to look after and love my baby than you. See you in a couple of months xxx Liz Mc xxx

5* +

First time we have gone on holiday without our 17 month old cavashon, so was really apprehensive about leaving her, even though Debbie had been highly recommended to us. The moment we arrived, we felt at ease straight away, the house was lovely and dog friendly and Debbie and her husband clearly love animals. Bonnie settled in straight away and soon made friends with the 3 resident Maltese babies who were all so adorable. We received lots of lovely pictures of Bonnie from Debbie whilst we were away including Bonnie in a nappy who unfortunately came into season early! Thanks Debbie for looking after our baby, see you next year x

5 milion *****
due to the signing of a confidentiality letter so can't show name etc.....

I was given Debbies name through a colleague at a set we were on together. Im so pleased that I was, she is amazing and my Bo loved her so much.
Bo is a spoilt baby and gets his own way all the time but he listened to Debbie from the get go.
Bo loved his time with Debbie and her 3 Maltese. She even got him to sit for a treat!
Debbie offers a wonder service not only does she look after and care she actually LOVES them you can see it in her eyes.
I would have no doubts whatsoever in recommending her. I think with the service she provides she should double her price it would be worth every single penny.
Thank you again beautiful lady and see you soon

We would highly recommend The Tiny Paws Pad, to anyone with Tiny dogs. We have 2 Teeny Tiny Yorkies and have never left them before but we had to go to a wedding and couldnt take them with us.. Someone recommended The Tiny Paws Pad to us, so we followed it up. Thank goodness we did. Our babies were handed over to very caring loving hands and we had no doubt whatsoever that they would be loved and looked after as much as we do. Thank you so much and i thank the gods that we found you, you are truly a animal angel calming them down and knowing what they want and need at any time. We will be booking them in with you for next year, now we know we can leave them somewhere very safe we can go on holiday now.. lots of love Hayley Gom xx

I would recommend the tiny paws pad to anyone with a little furry baby , leaving my Pom Luna with Debbie enabled me to enjoy my holiday as Debbie sent me regular updates putting my mind at ease , thank you so much Debbie My experience with tiny paws pad has been wonderful it enabled me to enjoy a much needed holiday safe in the Knowledge that Luna my little Pomeranian was in safe and caring hands ,I had regular updates from Debbie which I found really comforting , and even a Video which clearly showed how happy and how much fun Luna was having with her furry friends , Luna will definitely be having fun stays with her furry friends and Debbie again , thank you so much Debbie x Angela Flyn

Harley has been staying at The Tiny Paws Pad for his holidays, whilst we had ours. I cant speak highly enough of Debbie and her care for the little doggies. When she says they become part of her family they really do. They are treated exactly the same as her own 3 gorgeous immaculate dogs. Harley came home smelling lovely as well not like the usual smell you get from a boarding place. We really shouldn't of been that surprised as Debbie's home is immaculate in future i will get him groomed before he goes so he doesn't look like a poor member of the family lol We are used to him coming home smelly but now we know he wont its a different matter. We will be recommending The Tiny Paws Pad to everyone we know with little dogs, you really cant beat this place. We have booked him in already for next year so we don't miss out.. Thank you again Debbie you have been a star letting us have pictures and videos of him i think that is such a lovely touch because you know how we all feel about our little babies.
All the best and see you soon
Liz (singer, song writer, actor, author, and public personality)

Jasper has been on his holidays with Debbie whilst we went on our holidays. He's had a fantastic time with Debbie & her family, he's been looked after & cared for so well I think he might have stayed haha. We got pics & videos of him while we were away to show he was having a great time, which is a lovely touch. I would highly recommend Tiny Paws, they truly love looking after your dog they become part of their family whilst your away, will have to get in early to book for next year. Thank you so much for looking after Jasper it means a lot. Xx
Annette McKenna

Thank you for minding my Marley over the weekend! You have been great! Keeping me updated with pictures and videos of him has been great to see while we was away and kept my mind at rest! You treated him like he was part of your family! Highly recommend you to anyone i know with little doggies! Thanks again and we hope to book Marley again when we next go away xx
Kelly Wycherley-Hulme

Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad were recommended to us by a friend, I am very pleased she did. Debbie looked after my Chi Puppy for a day’s trial, All through the day we received texts and videos showing us how she had settled in. Our Pup obviously loved Debbie and vice versa.
Debbie is a very trustworthy caring and friendly Lady,
We will have no hesitation in the future using Debs Services. Our Pup thoroughly enjoyed herself and slept on Debbie for their down time. Debbie has a knack with dogs I have never seen before and we are very pleased to be registered with her.
We will be recommending Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad at every opportunity,
Thank you (Singer, Actress, Writer and Presenter)

I followed @thetinypawspad a while back on Instagram as she has the same dog breed as me and I liked that she offered dog boarding in a nice home environment. I was looking for trusted dog sitter for Lola for a few nights and I didn’t feel kennels would be beneficial for Lola, what Debbie offers is the perfect home from home for small dogs. During Lola’s stay Debbie sent me pictures and gave me updates about how she was settling in, although anxious to leave Lola at first, the soon disappeared when I saw her playing with the other Maltese dogs that live there, she was in doggy heaven. The whole process was painless and I felt really comfortable that Lola was getting the best care whilst I was away. I think Debbie offers great value for money too. I wouldn’t hesitate using Debbie’s services in the future and would highly recommend her. The perfect retreat for small dogs! X
Natasha Hamilton {Actress, singer, Public figure}

My little girl Daisy has stayed at Tiny Paws Pad for the last week. I was really anxious about leaving her because it was her first time away from me. Debbie put my mind at rest with messages, pictures and videos of Daisy every day even pictures of Daisy with her head on Debbie's pillow in the morning 😊...Debbie treats each dog individually and panders to their needs...I would recommend Tiny Paws Pad 100% and will definitely be booking Daisy in again. Alison Welsby

Debbie, thank you so much, for taking care of my baby Teddy, you’ve been fantastic from start to finish, 5* isn’t enough! You put our minds at ease and the photos, meant the world to us, thank you again 🐢🐢🐢 love Donna Hulme

My boys had the best time staying at Tiny Paws Pad.
They love Debbie and her other little dogs and I was completely relaxed about leaving them there.
They got spoilt with cuddles and love and even had some holiday romances with Dotty and Pixie.
I would without a doubt use her again (and they’re already booked in) and I would recommend her to any other dog mad people who have toy breeds. It’s the perfect place for them to stay! Oh and you get plenty of pictures and videos so you don’t miss them too much!
Thanks so much xxxxx Vikki Morley

I am so pleased that i found Debbie and The Tiny Paws Pad, she literally stopped my anxiety about leaving my dog, She made me feel so at ease and comfortable about leaving my dogs. My dogs loved her and her husband. She has a way with dogs thats amazing to watch i have never seen it before. On her advert she says that she dedicates her time to making your babies feel safe and loved and she isnt stretching the truth when she says that. I will never again worry about leaving my dogs with her they will never be going anywhere else. We met Debbie on a walk the other day and my dogs saw her first and couldn't wait to get to her which tells its own story.. I would def give more than 5* this place is magical. Mrs Trish Calbot Bela and Isis the little Yorkies

Tiny Paws Pad is a home from home for any Tiny dog or pup .
Debbie is both caring and loving so much that your Pet will not want to go home - glowing 5 star treatment .
She really helped us to get our puppy fit and ready to travel to Portugal. She treated the Puppy just as her own and even questioned the pet courier to make sure everything was as it seemed, i would not have any doubt whatsoever in recommending her to anyone and if in this situation again would definitely use The Tiny Paws Pad again we are giving her a GLOWING 5 STAR TREATMENT
Ken and Simone Darville-smith

Thank you so much for having my 2 mini Dachshunds. I worry so much about leaving them and i would never leave them with large or medium sized dogs. Their backs are very sensitive and can easily get hurt. I am so pleased i was told about you, even though it took us an hour to get to you it is so worth it not having the stress or worry when we are away.
You are the best we have been to and your love of dogs is obvious.
Thank you and see you soon.

What can i say ? Thank you so much my Tiny Chihuahua was looked after like a little prince. I have tried a few people who home board and i suppose the saying goes you always find the best last is correct here. Debbie loves dogs and they love her. She lets them sleep on her bed they are allowed on the furniture, and i don't have to worry about there being big dogs around. Thank you so much and i will be back later this year..


I have 2 Maltipoos who are my babies, i have never left them anywhere but i have to this year which is killing me, i was told about Tiny Paws Pad and went for a Meet and Greet which they loved, they were in the garden playing with Debbies 3 Maltese they were really enjoying themselves. It is obvious that Debbie loves her dogs and others she kept talking to mine and cuddling them which was lovely. I have left them there for a weekend now and i can honestly say they were as happy as anything. Debbie got them on skype for me so i could see them playing and they wasnt missing me at all lol ... I have now booked 2 weeks for our Holiday and i know that they will be truly loved.

Thank You Debs, for having my 2 little devils for the weekend they really enjoyed themselves and slept so well the day we picked them up they must have played all day everyday with your adorable pups. I am so happy about finding you because it is really hard to find somewhere that actually loves and looks after them. A lot of people do this for the money, but you can see how much Debbie loves these dogs and will bend over backwards to give them what they want, she really makes you feel comfortable and i will not leave my dogs with anyone else now.

I have a Mini Dachshund who loves Debbie more than me i think ha ha ha he is so excited to see her and she always makes a fuss of him as she does with all the dogs, i was amazed at how the dogs look at her as if they completely trust and love her it really is something to see. Her dogs are adorable and and after the initial im the boss your the visitor type of thing they do, peace was restored and play commenced. I do worry about my little boy their backs are quite fragile but Debbie knew exactly how to handle him and support him. i am so impressed i will be shouting this place from the roof tops, only problem there is it could backfire on me and i wont be able to get him in. Debbie has reassured me though that if i give her enough time her early customers she will do what she can to get him in. Thank you Debbie you are simply the best.

I have a 4 month old yorkie and i had to go away and couldnt take him with me i was beside myself i didnt know where to go i didnt want to put him in a kennel he is so Tiny. I was telling a friend and she mentioned Tiny Paws Pad so i gave Debbie a ring to see if it was possible for her to have him for a week it was rather short notice, there was no hesitation we arranged a Meet and Greet and that was that, the week after he was there as a member of her family getting spoilt and loving every minute of it i spoke to Debbie every day and she sent me pictures. He slept with her and her dogs who seemed to love him as well, i think they realised he was a baby, I have no trouble at all in recommending Debbie and Tiny Paws Pad she is like Dr Dolittle of the dog world and they really really love her.

I have a Chorkie and a Maltese and i found Debbie on Face Book how lucky was we? she adores dogs ive never seen anything like it, the dogs fall in love with her straight away, and that is all i wanted to know. I always trust my dogs if they dont like someone there has to be a reason for it. Thank you Debbie for starting this service for us with the tinies to look after they are our babies and you understand that, i think you treat these dogs better than some people treat their kids and i count myself very lucky to have found you even though it takes me an hour and half to get to you i dont care as long as they are well looked after that is all that matters. We can easily get a flight from Manchester or Liverpool instead from our closest airport. Thank you again and i will see you in June x


I cant find the words to say how wonderful this place is, i am very careful who i leave my little chihuahua with. I hate leaving her, im so pleased i have found the tiny paws pad. It is everything i have been looking for, Debbie who is the main carer treats them like her own, spoit and loved. Dior loves her time here and i no long worry about going away for the weekend or going away for 2 weeks because i know she will be so well looked after. Thank you Debbie for providing such a great place for us parents of tiny dogs. xxxx

Thank you Thank Thank you for starting this service for us who have tiny small dogs. I cant explain strongly enough to anyone who is thinking of trying The Tiny Paws Pad to please go ahead. Debbie has the most adorable Maltese who love playing with my Mini Dachshund Chloe. I never thought i would find somewhere that would love her as much as i do but i was very wrong. Chloe has spent a few nights here and i can tell she so loves coming and gets very excited when we return, THANK YOU TINY PAWS PAD you are simply the best

Thank you for looking after my 2 chorkies they really enjoyed their stay, I have met a few people over the years trying to find someone who will look after my 2 devils and Debbie has to be an Angel the dogs love her and she loves them. Everything the dog wants the dog gets, nothing is to much trouble for her. We travel an hour to get to Debbie and i wouldnt have it any other way, i couldnt find anyone like her who i could trust more and if she moved i think we will be following.  We are now contemplating a 10 day holiday abroad we havent had a holiday for 6 years not abroad. but now we have found The tiny paws pad we can finally start looking. Thank you Debs and as another of your customers say you are simply the best x

Thank you for looking after my Maltichons they really enjoyed playing and sleeping with your gorgeous Maltese. They felt so at home i could tell when i went to pick them up they completely ignored me ha ha
Only for a bit  after a short hello they went off to play again, this has mad me so happy knowing i don't have to worry anymore. Trixie especially loved your Teddy. see you in August 


Im happy happy happy i have found this place, i have 2 mini dachshunds and i wouldnt leave them with anyone but we are going away in October so i have had to do something, I came across Tiny Paws Pad through someone else so thought i would give them a go and take for their meet and greet. My dogs loved her and she them, they both went off playing straight away after the initial dog introductions lol they played really well. i have now left them for one night and they were great they were pleased to see us when we went to get them but they really wanted to play. Im so happy they are happy and i know they will be great here for 2 weeks later in year. i will be bringing them back to visit so they know where they are and Debbie is all for that, as long as the dogs are happy she is . Thank you Debbie for doing this and making our lives a lot easier


If I had a pound for everytime a dog ran up to my dog on lead and heard the above I would be a millionaire!
See a dog on lead?
Don't assume just because your dog is friendly that it's ok to say hello.
Dogs are ALWAYS on lead for a reason... whether it is for a medical reason, it has poor recall or is anxious, just follow the
***NEVER let your dog approach dogs on lead***

The only exception to this rule is if you have sought consent first.


It's making my life and other dog owners lives very difficult. We want to train or rehabilitate our anxious/young/reactive dogs around other dogs (at a safe distance) but always run the risk of ruining a successful training session or even worse making our reactive dog go over it's threshold. What makes life even more frustrating is the severe lack of 'safe spaces' to let our dogs off lead and until this has changed its simply unfair to expect us to always walk our dogs away from other dogs.

Out of control 'pushy' type dogs

Many dog owners feel a need to meet and greet or socialise their dog with as many other dogs as possible, not taking into consideration the situation and type of interaction. Over excited or pushy dogs often don't understand boundaries when it comes to appropriate play and instead of being taught the importance of polite, calm introductions they are free to run up to other dogs. Shy dogs often are frightened, becoming anxious and the pushy dogs excited behaviour becomes reinforced. Polite and 'two sided' interactions where both sets of dogs have good social skills, successfully reading each others body language, are becoming much more rare. How many times have you had an out of control friendly dog run up to yours where the owners response was 'don't worry he's friendly'.

You can help

If you have an out of control dog or one with poor recall and you see a dog on lead, simply put it back on its lead or use a long lead on walks. Remember the other dog is on lead for a reason. By letting your off lead dog approach that dog you could set back it's training or frighten it. An out of control dog does not necessarily mean an aggressive one, I've walked many out of control dog type dogs but as a responsible dog trainer have managed their behaviour by training and walking them on a long lead. Long leads help give the dog some freedom to run, are a great training aid and offers control of your dog to help get it back.
Puppy and young dog socialisation.

I always say prevention is better than cure. By socialising your dog at a young age with appropriate dogs of size and temperament in the right situations you will give it the best start. But as above you need to supervise all play sessions and ask; is it two sided? Is your dog getting over excited? Are both dogs happy? If needs be you may need to step in and reinforce short appropriate play sessions and meet and greets and reduce the likelihood of pushy type behaviours. It can be helpful to teach your puppy or dog to understand when the other dog has had enough and by stepping in you can prevent a possible confrontational situation occurring, preventing the puppy playmate becoming fearful.
                                 ***EASTER TIPS FOR YOUR ANXIOUS OR REACTIVE DOG***

Easter time is a great opportunity to spend time with family, friends and of course your dog.
So it's important to remember that with the possible increase in people coming into your home, a change in routine and the likelihood of easter goodies around you are prepared!
So here's my top tips to help this Easter be stress free and enjoy your weekend off.

πŸ• Enrichment From a stuffed kong to an empty egg box full of dog safe treats, this gives your dog an opportunity to be not only physically but also mentally stimulated. Enrichment can offer an alternative outlet to frustration and also keeps your dog busy as guests enter. Remember enrichment should not be used as an alternative to training/behavioural therapy but an added extra to act as a management strategy.

πŸ• Assess   It's important to remember that all dogs have their limits, assess how comfortable your dog feels with visitors, at a safe distance, and make sure you are mindful of how your dog's feeling. It may mean assessing the environment and ensuring your dog has a safe area.

πŸ• Safety Safety is a number one priority. Keep chocolate out of reach and ensure if your dog is anxious of new people that visitors do not approach. It may mean staggering visitors, even going to their house instead.

πŸ•Tricks Trick training is a great way to keep boredom at bay. Especially if there are too many dog walkers outside, sometimes it's better to swap exercise and training from outside to inside. Let's not forget that mental stimulation can help tire a dog too.

πŸ• Engage I love practicing different focus games with my dog. One of my favourite is the engage and disengage game.

πŸ• Rest Remember all these new changes can be tiring for your dog and if you are doing training inside make sure to have lots of breaks.

Q & A

1. Are you insured ?

​​​​We are fully Insured. We also recommend that you have your pet insurance.

2. How do I know I am leaving my beloved pet with a trustworthy person?

I am an established and licensed dog boarder. I have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)       checked and Licensed. I can provide character references from people who have known me for 20 years. You can confirm my license status by checking the link on their website Halton Council and clicking on the 'list of animal licences issued' . I am proud to say I am the only Toy Breed  licensed dog boarder in Halton Runcorn and Warrington

3. What is the check in and check out time?

Our check in is 1pm and check out time is 1pm however we are quite flexible and early drop of will be charged at £5 for 1st dog and £2.50 for additional dogs of same family per hour before 1pm  for check out the same will apply .

4. How do I know my dog will be happy for a whole two weeks whilst I'm away on holiday?

If your dog is staying for a long period I advise a 'trial' day visit and maybe an overnight stay, prior to your holiday. This will ensure your dog is comfortable in the environment and let your little one get to know us. We can talk about the best way to settle a nervous dog or a dog who's never stayed away from home before.

5. How are charges paid?

Charges must be pre-paid at beginning of visit (Late check out fees must be paid on collection of dog) Payments can be made by CASH or BANK TRANSFER

6. I have never left my dog before and am worried about his/her reaction.

If you have not been on holiday since you got your dog, it can be a new experience and worrying time for both of you. I offer mini trial stays to help ease you both in to the new situation. We can work together to help your little one settle and feel completely at home at The Tiny Paws Pad

7. Will my dog be Socialised?

Yes. All our guests have the option to interact with my dogs and my family who are all dog lovers (no children) We occasionally attend small dog meets and fun shows, so providing your dogs are social and friendly, (and you are happy for us to do so) we will attend these events.  

8. Where will my dog sleep?

Your dogs will sleep  depending on their preference.

9. Do you need to see proof of Vaccinations?

Yes. We need to check that your dog has been wormed and that all the required vaccinations and health checks have been carried out. Puppies accepted over 12 weeks with full vaccinations. Dogs showing signs of illness will be segregated for their own and others protection.

10. What do I need to provide on checking in?

The Tiny Paws Pad requires up to date vaccination certificates only. We can provide all the warm snuggly beds and blankets, but to make your little one feel happier we suggest you bring their own beds and blankets. food and water your little ones may need. However, if you wish to bring your dogs favourite toy and their food bowl, to make their stay a little more ‘homely’ that will be fine.

11. How many dogs will be staying?

We offer a one to one personal service to your dog, so we only have a very limited amount of spaces. Dogs from other families may be staying at the hotel. ( usually only during cross over pick up / drop off periods Integration will be careful and monitored.

12. What will my dogs day be like?

We have lots of play sessions throughout the day both inside and outside (weather permitting) We love walks in the park and use our local parks, also enjoy country walks.

13. What happens if my dog needs regular medication?

I have experience with medicating a dog regularly so I have no problem with this. Just leave me clear instructions and I will be happy to follow them exactly.

14. What about grooming?

The Tiny Paws Pad  are not professional groomers but will provide a basic grooming service and do have access to a local professional dog groomer who specialises in Toy breed dogs. She will come to groom them at The Tiny Paws Pad   Appointments can easily be made with prior notice. (extra charges for professional grooming will apply)

15. What happens if my dog gets ill or needs a vet?

The Tiny Paws Pad use a local reputable vet which is also the only animal hospital in the area. All vet bills incurred from treating your animal will be the owners responsibility and must be paid in full when collecting your dog. Unless the vet advises the dog to be kept in, we will bring your little one home and care for them as if they were our own. We will contact you and keep you informed at all times.

16. Are there any rules regarding my dog?

Dogs must be socialised with other dogs and people. We do not take aggressive dogs. Dogs must be house trained, unless they are puppies. (who we expect them to make little mistakes!) We cannot take persistent barkers as we live in a residential area.

17. What will be my dogs routine?

We work with you to tailor your dogs routine to suit. We can incorporate, fun with training and if you have any specific goals, please let us know...we are happy to help